The new Panamera with Porsche InnoDrive

Co-driver included.

The new Panamera with InnoDrive from Porsche doesn’t just think along with you—it also thinks several kilometres ahead. 

The ideal co-driver is there whenever you need them. They know the terrain like the back of their hand, warn you in time of sharp turns, or give the all-clear to floor it when the road permits. If desired, a co-driver just like that is available at any time in the new Porsche Panamera —a virtual co-driver, if you will. With Porsche InnoDrive, the engineers in Weissach have created an assistance system with capabilities that extend far beyond those of other electronic aids. 

Based on three-dimensional, high-resolution navigation data, InnoDrive computes and activates the optimal acceleration and deceleration rates as well as gear selections and coasting phases, for the next three kilometres. In doing so, this electronic co-pilot automatically adjusts the throttle and transmission while taking corners, hills and speed limits into account for intelligent driving and a significant efficiency advantage.

The new Panamera with Porsche InnoDrive – Experience built-in. Contact us at Porsche Centre Oakville to learn more or schedule a test drive.


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