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Save 15% on PDK transmission/clutch fluid replacement

To maintain the high level of performance your vehicle is capable of, Porsche uses specially engineered oils to perform and withstand even the highest thermal loads. As such it is necessary to change the PDK clutch fluid regularly. 

For the month of August, save 15% on PDK transmission/clutch fluid replacement at Porsche Centre Oakville.

Over time the synthetically engineered friction modifiers and anti-wear chemistry break down and the fluid becomes contaminated, causing poor performance and unnecessary component wear. When subjected to higher loads and temperatures of spirited road or track use, the additional heat and friction can decrease the useable lifespan of the oils and it becomes increasingly important to prevent the fluid from burning itself out.

When following the PDK fluid maintenance schedule you will be assured that your vehicle will perform to the same standard it did as new. 

*Special offer applicable to all 911 and Boxster - 2009 or newer, all Macan, and all Panamera except hybrids. Includes parts & labour, before HST for PDK transmission/clutch fluid replacement. Does not include transmission gear oil replacement, due at later interval. Valid until 08/31/2019.