Cayenne and Macan Summer Wheel-and-Tire Sets

With the Porsche Cayenne and Macan, performance doesn't end at the wheels; that's where it starts. After all, what matters most when it comes to power transmission is the transfer of momentum. Rapidly, directly and without any compromises.

Wheels for the Cayenne and Macan are also all about sportiness – and design. The wheels are exceptionally large – optionally up to 21 inches. Common to all wheels is the aluminium design. This lowers weight and increases agility. This applies in particular to the forged 21-inch wheels.

All tires are optimised to offer improved performance, handling, rolling resistance and weight. The rubber compound, the tread design and the casing architecture are designed to achieve the lowest rolling resistance possible and consequently lower fuel consumption.
See below for some of the summer wheel-and-tire sets that we have currently available for the Cayenne and Macan. Fill in the form below or give us a call to reserve yours.

21-inch Cayenne SportEdition summer wheel-and-tire set painted in Black (high-gloss)

Retail: $10,989.00

Sale Price: $9,479.00
Fits Cayenne, Cayenne Platinum Edition, Cayenne S, Cayenne S E-Hybrid, Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition, Cayenne GTS, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S
These one-piece multi-spoke alloy wheels for the Cayenne are as imposing as they are sporty. The centre spokes are painted in black (high-gloss) and wheel centres in black with a full-colour Porsche Crest are included.
Front and rear axles: 10 J x 21 RO 50 with 295/35 R 21 tires

21-inch Sport Classic summer wheel-and-tire set, painted in Black (high-gloss)

Retail: $10,268.55
Sale Price: $7,995.00
Fits the Macan, Macan S, Macan GTS

The one-piece forged alloy wheels in 5-spoke Sport Classic design make for an impressive entrance. The wheels painted in Black (high-gloss) give the Macan an even more impressive look.
Front axle: 9 J x 21 RO 26 with 265/40 R 21 101 Y tires

Rear axle: 10 J x 21 RO 19 with 295/35 R 21 103 Y tires


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