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The Porsche 944 is a great starter classic

When people talk about classic Porsches, they’re usually referring to the iconic air-cooled 911. The 944 doesn’t get as much recognition as its 911 sibling, and as such is one of Porsche’s unsung heroes. Built as a successor to the 924, the 944 was deemed the ultimate front-engined Porsche of its time. It was more refined than the 924, it looked better, and it was certainly faster. All these things made it a great road and track weapon back in the day, and it definitely remains one even today.

Owning a classic Porsche nowadays is a dream many people have. The 911 platform can get quite expensive however, especially if you’re looking to snatch a clean example, but this is where the 944 comes in. Because it was always a bit of an underdog compared to the 911 and it was never that difficult to maintain, the 944 can represent a bit of a bargain in terms of classic car ownership.

As with most classic cars, finding a clean example determines how much stuff you have to fix down the road. Cars with one or a few previous owners who have been looked after are usually a great purchase, but don’t be discouraged even if you can’t find one in perfect condition. These cars are over 40 years old, so finding one in showroom condition is anything but easy.

“The overall maintenance of the 944 is not ridiculous,” says Dirk Dunschede, Porsche Centre Oakville Workshop Foreman. “There are certain items like timing belts and balance shaft belts that have to be replaced every five years as they are heavy maintenance items, but other than that the operating costs of this car, if it is well sorted to begin with, are not that high.”

That’s one of the reasons Porsche Centre Oakville selected this 1987 Porsche 944 for the Classic Restoration Challenge.

For some, the 944 represents the last great front-engined sportscar Porsche ever made. The 968 which followed it was a bigger, more luxurious GT car in comparison to the light and nimble 944.

The 944 is the perfect stepping stone in Porsche classic ownership. It’s excellent as far as handling, it’s reasonably cost-effective to maintain, it’s a great car to take to the track, it’s well balanced, and it has an excellent braking system. It really is the perfect package.

Date Posted: April 26, 2019