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The Cayenne Coupé: An even sportier Cayenne

When Porsche introduced the Cayenne back in 2002, they set the precedent for what an SUV should be. Throughout the years it has received constant upgrades and facelifts, maintaining its status as the benchmark other manufacturers were striving to beat.

Today, as SUVs continue to gain popularity, new sub-niche segments have been emerging. One such segment is the luxury SUV coupe.

What is the Cayenne Coupé?

The recipe is fairly simple. Take an ordinary luxury SUV, give it a sloping roofline, and add sporting credentials. In essence, sacrifice a little bit of cargo room to add some style and class to what are usually bulky and cumbersome SUVs. And that’s what the new Cayenne Coupé is. The same Cayenne we know and love with a ton of personality added on top.

An even sportier Cayenne

The front of the Coupé looks almost identical to the normal Cayenne, but the rear is a different story. It showcases some of the biggest changes. In addition to that slanted, sleek roofline, the Cayenne Coupé also gets a second adaptive spoiler just below the tailgate window. As some of you might remember, the current Cayenne was the first SUV to feature active aero with its adaptive roof spoiler. The new spoiler on the tailgate gets its own acronym, Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA).

The roof sits some 20 mm lower than it does on the standard Cayenne, and both the windscreen and the A-pillar boast a sharper rake. The rear doors are bespoke to the Coupé since Porsche had to adapt them to the new shape, and the flared arches extend outwards by 18 mm. There’s a rather large 2.16 m squared panoramic roof fitted as standard but you can opt for a carbon fibre roof as part of three unique optional lightweight sport packages.

An abundance of power

The Cayenne Coupé comes with two different engine choices at launch: a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 and a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The former makes 335 horsepower while the latter develops a monumental 545 horsepower. With the V6 the Coupé can hit 100 km/h in six seconds flat while the V8 takes just 3.9 seconds. In flagship trim, the Cayenne Coupé will go on to a scarcely-believable 286 km/h.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé

Because it’s a Cayenne, it exhibits excellent body control and very little roll. It drives more like a car than it does like a large, tall SUV. It’s an SUV for the driver-oriented customer who enjoys the act and pleasure of driving.

Unmatched luxury

Inside it’s very much identical to the standard Cayenne. Superb materials and second-to-none fit and finish we’ve come to expect from Porsche. It’s a strict four-seater in standard configuration but you can fit a full bench in the back as a no-cost option. Not many people will do that but it’s nice to know you have the option to do so.

Prices are not yet announced, but the Cayenne Coupé expected to hit our showroom sometime before summer.

Date Posted: March 29, 2019