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Porsche Macan Tuesday Test Drive

Porsche Center Oakville has teamed up with automotive enthusiast and Youtuber Steven Pigozzo to bring a fresh perspective into the executive car buyer’s market. It’s important to us to bring the human element to all of our test drives and bring a personal touch to the demanding ordeal of buying a premium vehicle.

In this episode of Steven’s vlog, he is joined by Porsche Centre Oakville Sales Executive Danny Burkett to go through the details of what owning a premium crossover SUV is about. From the growls of the menacing exhaust note to the immaculate high-end interior, there were too many words left unspoken about this magnificent work of art that is the Porsche Macan.

As with any premium product, Danny brings a more personal point of view to this test drive experience, ensuring that all is revealed about the Macan’s fit and finish, luxurious and meticulously crafted interior and the power and punch the 250-hp 2-litre engine and the 275 lb-ft it delivers.


As mentioned, the Macan is built with highest grade quality materials and products—there are no substitutes used in any segment of the manufacture of this vehicle. Whether this is the premium leather surfaces, the brushed aluminum inserts or the elegant well put together padded surfaces of the dashboard. This is one of the reasons Porsche retains its premium brand rating. All materials, surfaces and products fitted to the Macan are genuine, authentic pieces of art that come together to create not just a premium vehicle, but a premium experience.

Power Delivery

While some might shrug off the 2-litre engine as an undersized power plant, Porsche has managed to squeeze out the optimal power from that eager little two litre. Paired with the double-clutch automatic gearbox that is also controlled by the paddle shifters, this Macan manages the power effortlessly and shifts through the gears at a lightning speed. The addition of the sport mode makes the Macan the perfect compact sports SUV that will eat up the miles and undeniably put a smile on your face with every snarl, pop and crackle from the exhaust.

Infotainment System and Added Tech

The Macan offers an elegant, decluttered dashboard, with simple and decisive design lines and a variety of high-end surfaces, wrapped around the crisp 11” high-definition touch screen. Created with the intention of being one of the most highly intuitive systems, the infotainment allows you to have direct access to every segment of the menu with a simple push of a button from the arrangement of action buttons in the center console.

This reduces the need for any sub menus, and the endless loop of searching for the optimal setting through the touchscreen itself. The incorporation of brushed aluminum, soft touch leather surfaces and an array of specifically placed buttons with a luxurious high-quality touch and feedback make the Macan especially easy to set to your preferences, while also delivering a heightened sense of satisfaction.


As with any Porsche, the Macan offers the historically defined Porsche handling. Level cornering, plenty of grip and in control of any situation. Made to be a driver’s car, the Macan is seriously easy to drive and even easier to control in those moments when a rather demanding stretch of road is ahead of you. A clever suspension set-up mated to an even smarter control system makes sure grip is delivered through every foot of a corner, keeping the Macan composed and flat to the road eliminating almost all body roll regardless of how aggressively you maneuver it. Putting a Macan through its paces is undeniably an experience worthy of being a part of a sci-fi time loop where you get to relive it time after time, and still leave you wanting more.

The Porsche Experience

To quote Danny Burkett, with the Porsche Macan, "what you see is what you get". There are no substitutes for quality, performance or driving dynamics and this performance authenticity is what makes the Macan stand out in the highly competitive performance crossover SUV scene.

Date Posted: August 29, 2019