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Porsche Centre Oakville

Porsche Centre Oakville unveils new program to offer one-on-one virtual vehicle tours

Get up close with a Porsche from the comfort of your home or office. 

With Porsche enthusiasts located in all corners of our great country, it can be difficult to truly communicate the features and overall nature of all the new Porsche products. For those living hundreds or thousands of kilometres from the nearest Porsche dealership, getting to know the latest model is usually done by surfing websites, reading articles and watching videos online.

As one of the world’s most progressive Porsche AG locations, however, Porsche Centre Oakville is looking to technology to bridge that gap and bring personalized Porsche visits to fans across the nation. Porsche Centre Oakville is unveiling an exciting new program that uses high performance video and audio to deliver a one-on-one tour of any of the vehicles on the facility’s lot through a live digital video chat.

Here’s a video of how the system works: 

In order to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the caller, only our specialized sales associates can be seen and heard by the caller—the caller’s video image is not transmitted.

“Our staff is highly passionate about Porsche, and so it’s very exciting to be able to offer this service to Porsche enthusiast who may not otherwise be able to get such an in-depth look at the vehicles,” says Francesco Policaro, General Manager of Porsche Centre Oakville. “This is another great example of how Porsche and Porsche Centre Oakville continue to harness developing technologies to further the brand experience.”

The tech has already been rolled out at Porsche Centre Oakville, so if you’re interested in touring any of the vehicles on our lot, click on the Live Video Tour banner on our homepage and one of our sales associates will be happy to show you around the Porsche of your dreams. 


Date Posted: October 31, 2017