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Porsche Centre Oakville

Porsche Centre Oakville Service Technicians: 6 Times Certified Gold

As good as gold.

At Porsche Centre Oakville we’re proud to say that we are one of the few Porsche Centres in Canada to boast at least 6 Porsche Certified Gold Technicians on staff.

Porsche Certified Technicians are expertly trained in the art of maintaining and servicing Porsche vehicles. Entrusting your Porsche to a certified technician means handing the work to a graduate of one of the toughest automotive schools worldwide. 

In combination with their unparalleled expertise, Porsche Certified Technicians work exclusively from Porsche dealerships. This ensures they have access to the complete set of specialized Porsche tools and computerized testing equipment needed for the highest quality, most accurate repair and maintenance. With such training, tools, and manufacturer support, Porsche technicians offer unrivalled expertise in all aspects of maintaining and servicing Porsche vehicles.

The worldwide Porsche program, Certified Porsche Technician, ensures that workshop personnel is always fully qualified. There are successive levels of qualification: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Porsche technicians take various theory exams to test the knowledge acquired during the Porsche training courses. However, that in itself isn’t enough. To reach the advanced certification levels, Silver or Gold, every technician is tested directly on a training vehicle in a practical exam lasting several hours under real conditions.

We asked one of our Porsche Certified Gold Technicians, Dirk Dunschede, how intense was the training and practical exam?

“They are always done at a Porsche Training Centre, and a lot of the times it’ll only be four people at a time, each in an isolated, individual scenario," says Dunschede. "You have a certain amount of time to evaluate four different problems and come up with all of the information you need in order to answer these four issues. Usually it’s a matter of an hour or 45 minutes per problem, and you have to document everything and supply everything you need to solve the issues, just like you would in the real world.”

Our factory trained and Porsche certified service team experts are always ready to help you. You can book a service appointment online or call us at 1-855-602-4279 and one of our Porsche reservation coordinators will be happy to help you set up your appointment.

Date Posted: January 30, 2019