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How to get your Porsche ready for spring

With spring in full effect and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your Porsche one last check-over and make sure everything is in working order.

As most of you know, Porsches are designed to be reliable and driven hard, so it’s no wonder that most of our customers continue using their cars throughout the winter. This rule doesn’t apply to just the Panamera and the SUV range, because even 911 and the Cayman variants see a lot of action during the winter.

From winter driving to spring driving

Whether you’ve been using your Porsche throughout the winter or have decided to keep it in pristine condition, safely stored in the garage, you have to take some preemptive steps to keep it in perfect shape. Obviously, if you’ve been using it non-stop, you’re going to have to check multiple things, but good for you for enjoying it all-year round!

Paint treatment

The most important thing you have to do once the snow melts is give your car a proper wash. Avoid the automated car wash as they can rarely get the car completely clean and instead spend some quality time with your Porsche and give it a hand wash, getting deep into every nook and cranny, scarping away winter debris. Or, book an appointment with the experts at Porsche Centre Oakville. Your paint will love you for it.


With winter safely behind us, it’s time to ditch the winter tires in favour of summer or all-season tires if you haven’t already. Winter tires are designed to dig into snow and ice, extracting as much traction from a low-grip surface as possible, but they won’t do you any good come summer time. They offer a smaller contact patch and therefore less grip with dry or wet pavement, and wear out extremely quick as temperatures start to climb. Changing your tires gives you the perfect opportunity to give your wheels an alignment too.


Cold weather is notoriously harsh on batteries and battery life, so make sure you test your Porsche’s battery before setting off on a road trip. If you can’t test the battery yourself, bring it down to our dealership and have it done by a pro.


Winter salt takes a massive toll on brake discs and brake pads, especially if they’ve been left unwashed and without proper lubrication. Although you can technically identify brake pad wear and tear yourself, this type of service is best left to the professionals at a Porsche Center.

Windshield wipers

Ice and freezing rain have a profound effect on windshield wipers’ longevity, and there’s nothing more frustrating and dangerous than not being able to see where you’re going. Now that winter is over check your wipers for cracks or tears, and replace them immediately if you think they’ve been compromised. Windshield wipers are fairly cheap anyway, so we suggest fitting brand-new ones just in case.

From winter storage to spring driving

Just because your car has been sitting in the garage for most of the winter doesn’t mean it’s okay to take it out for a drive without any prior inspection. Before you even start it give it a walk around and inspect both the exterior and the interior. Check the tires for dry-rot or cracks, as well as flat spots. Pop the hood and check if any mice or unwanted stowaways have been hiding inside the hood, in the exhaust pipes, or elsewhere. Check the battery as well. If everything seems in working order, start it up and take it out for a test drive.

Alternatively, you can drive it down to the dealership and let us sort everything out. Our experienced technicians will give it a thorough inspection and get you back on the road safely and quickly. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Date Posted: April 18, 2019