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Five reasons Canadians are loving the Porsche Taycan

After debuting earlier in the year, the 2020 Porsche Taycan is already proving to be a strong seller globally and at home here in Canada.

Upon presenting the model, Porsche announced its plan to produce 20,000 units of the Taycan for its first year on the market. Nine months into that first year, the company has already surpassed the total sale of 10,000 units, the Taycan accounting for 5.7 per cent of all Porsche sales.

Even amidst a global pandemic, Porsche's third quarter saw an increase in sales and production by 6,464 units, accounting for 8.7 per cent of all Porches sold. It's a number more than twice the previous quarter's size and four times the first quarter of the year.

With the recent debut of the Taycan in Canada, more Canadian motorists are taking to the roads in Porsche's first all-electric model. Here are five things that stand out for drivers.

An all-electric legacy

Porsche has moved quickly along their electrification mission over the last decade, and the Taycan is a true example of that new-age process living up to the legendary Porsche signature. Even with the noticeable absence of a clutch, the Taycan delivers a sensation reminiscent of a 911 or a Panamera.

More time on the road

As the only production electric car with an 800-volt architecture, double the general standard for EVs, the Taycan's larger 79.2 kWh battery capacity translates to a rapid recharging time. It takes 22 minutes to increase the Taycan’s range from 5 to 80 per cent on the ultra-fast Electrify Canada recharging system.

Delivery of power and control

With the electric powertrain architecture positioning, the Taycan offers a much lower centre of gravity, inviting tight turns and sharp curves, meeting them with gravity-defying precision. In real-time, the Porsche 4D Chassis Control system analyzes and synchronizes the chassis components, while the Taycan's adaptive air suspension, including the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, keeps the vehicle grounded.

Driving modes at the ready

Five driving modes to instantly switch up the driving experience of the Taycan are accessible at the turn of your thumb. From a thumbwheel on the steering wheel, select from Range, Normal, Sport, Sports Plus and an Individual, programable mode. Range mode tones down the climate control system and limits the vehicle's speed to 110 km/h to maximize the Taycan's range. Tune into Sport mode for tighter steering, suspension and a sharper throttle, all to the sound of a synthetic engine growl.

Legendary aesthetic with a modern touch

Porsche is undoubtedly leading the industry into a new era of electrification with the Taycan, but not without their signature design elements. Within the distinctive sedan's cabin is a myriad of futuristic information displays. An intuitive 10.9-inch touchscreen integrated into the centre console and steering wheel-mounted controls, all complemented by classic Porsche design elements that provide a familiar driving experience in a new age.

Date Posted: November 17, 2020