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6 racetracks worth travelling to

Photos by Jordan Lenssen.

There’s something genuinely thrilling about being trackside at a race. The buzz of the crowd, the vibrations of the cars as they tear by, the feats of engineering beneath the hood and sheer audacity of the drivers on display as they convene in the corners—it may be the best way to celebrate our shared love of speed.

And as a brand with motorsport deeply rooted in its DNA, Porsche definitely has a love for speed. Porsche enthusiasts are no different.

In North America, there’s no shortage of ways for race fans to get out and see the action for themselves. With race season coming into full swing, it’s the perfect time to plan the race weekend of a lifetime. Here are 6 racetracks worth travelling to in North America. 

Watkins Glen International, New York

Located in the picturesque Finger Lakes Region in New York (which is a great vacation spot in and of itself), Watkins Glen International is just a 5-hour drive from the GTA. And while the entry in through the surrounding countryside may be beautiful and tranquil, the action on the tack is anything but. The track itself has been recently resurfaced; it’s long, fast and exciting, providing some spectacular lines of site for spectators. Be sure to catch the beginning of the race as the first corner has a reputation for causing mayhem—take a look at the carnage that went down last time Policaro Motorsport visited The Glen.

Lime Rock Park, Connecticut

For a more intimate experience, head to Lime Rock Park in Salisbury, Connecticut. The area’s charm combined with the short length of the track can create a more personal motorsport experience than some of the other, larger events. And with an average lap time in the 1:15 range, spectators get more bang for their buck in terms of action they get to see.

A proud local history knits the county’s attractions together into a rich tapestry, making it an ideal place to spend a few days playing tourist.

Honda Indy Toronto

Each summer, the Honda Indy Toronto converts some of the city’s lakeshore streets and Exhibition grounds into a racetrack and fills downtown Toronto with the sound of high-performance engines. The multi-day event includes the Honda Indy, Pinty’s Nascar Series and the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge where you can see the Policaro Motorsport team in action on home turf. It’s also a great family-friendly way to spend an afternoon or two in Toronto, with plenty of other attractions, games and good food to enjoy.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, California

This track is home to one of the most famous (and infamous) corners in motorsport: the aptly named Corkscrew features a blind crest followed by a curving, 18-m drop that consistently challenges the world’s most skilled drivers. 

But witnessing this test of motorsport mettle isn’t the only reason to visit Laguna Seca. It’s also the venue for Rennsport Reunion, the largest Porsche meet in the world. Plus, it’s smack dab in the middle of California wine country, which is a delight year round.

If you want to try your hand at the Corkscrew without risking your life or car (the corner has claimed the lives of several notable drivers over the ages), just fire up basically any racing game or simulator—Laguna Seca is almost certainly one of the available tracks.

Sebring International Raceway, Florida

Another storied raceway, Sebring International hosts The 12 Hours of Sebring (March 15-18), one of the more grueling endurance dates on the motorsport calendar. What was once an airport strip has been reclaimed in the name of endurance racing and is now a hallowed ground for testing vehicles and drivers. The bumpy, hard concrete has a way of breaking down both man and machine, both of which make for fascinating racing.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park hosts dozens of world-class events each year, making it perhaps the most accessible option on this list for those located in the GTA. It’s got a reputation for high speeds and long straightaways, including the 1.2-km stretch named after iconic racer Mario Andretti.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, inquire into our Canadian Tire Motorsport Park track day program, which offers coaching from professional racers and an opportunity to test the newest range of Porsche products on a closed-track environment.  

Date Posted: December 31, 2017