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Francesco Policaro

Francesco Policaro | General Manager

Francesco is the visionary behind what is widely considered as a 'benchmark' Porsche Centre in Canada. He is  passionate about the Porsche brand and Porsche Centre Oakville. His hands on approach is a result of a family tradition in retail automotive operations. At the Porsche Centre, he leads a team of motivated individuals who work diligently to provide Porsche owners and enthusiasts with a dreamlike experience at every turn. When he isn't at the Porsche Centre, you can find him at the race track supporting our GT3 Cup race team or turning laps himself in a 991 GT3.

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Hans Ulsrud

Hans Ulsrud | Director Of Sales

Hans Ulsrud is Porsche Centre Oakville’s director of sales. Hans oversees Porsche Centre Oakville's new and pre-owned sales departments. Hans has been with the Porsche brand since 2004 and joined Porsche Centre Oakville day one. He leads an amazing team of sales executives and automotive enthusiasts and has played a key role in developing Porsche Centre Oakville’s unique in dealership experience programs. A West end resident since the 70’s and graduate of McMaster University, his passion outside of cars is road cycling and actively training 12 months a year. His favourite Porsche is a very particular 1994 3.8 RS in Mint Green.

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Nicole Trivieri

Nicole Trivieri | Marketing Co-ordinator/Executive Assistant

Nicole joined the automotive industry in October of 2013. Her love for luxury vehicles started at the age of nine when her father surprised her family with a 2001 911 Carrera Cabriolet he kept hidden in their garage. Her favourite Porsche is a 356 Cabriolet. She describes this model as something classy, timeless and an overall piece of art. These are the words you’d also use to describe Nicole’s fashion style. Like a Porsche, Nicole says fashion is all about being unique, ever changing and a way to differentiate yourself from others. Her favourite aspect of Porsche Centre Oakville is its innovation with keeping tradition in mind, and family oriented. When she’s not at PCO you can find Nicole traveling, painting and spending time with her Husky Oxford.

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Tom Berger

Tom Berger | After Sales Manager

Tom has been working with the Policaro family since 2004 and in the automotive industry since 1999, when he decided his passion for cars should go beyond hot wheels. He was one of the first in line when he learned the group was going to open a Porsche dealership. Why? Because he finds Porsche offers the best of both worlds: easy to live with on a daily basis and high performance when wanted. Most of his time outside of the dealership is dedicated to his daughter, but he still finds time for biking once in a while. 

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John Licari

John Licari | Parts Manager

John is a multi-talented individual who not only knows cars in side and out but also plays music in his spare time. Involved in the automotive industry since 1991, he has a smile on his face each time he comes to work and sees the dealership. He finds customers have a strong passion for the brand and enjoys sharing this aspect of his daily routine. 

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Pat Cubellis

Pat Cubellis | Pre-Owned Manager

Pat has been in the automotive industry since 1979 and his life has been gravitating around cars ever since he could remember. He raced in the 80’s, in the Porsche Turbo Cup, in the Player’s Series and in Firehawk. A natural born seller, he quickly rose through the ranks and enjoys putting his management skills to work. Reconditioning cars was a hobby when he was young; now he enjoys driving, cycling, track days and his collectible Nova SS. 

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Domenica Ventrella

Domenica Ventrella | Sales Manager

Domenica Ventrella is Porsche Centre Oakville’s Sales Manager overseeing the New Car Sales department. Domenica's team is responsible for ensuring every purchase of a new Porsche is a seamless experience. Our New Car Sales department continues to meet and exceeded sales targets set by Porsche Cars Canada and sets the purchase experience bar. Domenica has been involved in the automotive industry for over 12 years, is fluent in Italian and enjoys power-boating and golf and plays soccer year round.

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Sandy Couto

Sandy Couto | Financial Services Manager

Sandy began working in the automotive industry in 1996.You can catch this fashionista at Porsche Centre Oakville serving customers with a friendly and welcoming smile or on the road in a stylish Porsche. She loves to partake in various activities when the opportunity arises such as; spending time with family and friends, dining out at local hotspots and working on her fitness. Sandy is an ambassador for Porsche as she sees the vehicles as the perfect combination of luxury and sport performance all in one.

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Patricia Masuda

Patricia Masuda | Financial Services Manager

Patricia is in her ideal role. She enjoys regular interaction with people but also likes the administrative side of business. The perfect combination for a financial services manager in a dealership! Patricia also finds a lot of satisfaction in helping customers realize the dream of owning a Porsche. After work, she enjoys cooking, hosting and entertaining friends and family. 

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Nik Djordjevic

Nik Djordjevic | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Porsche brand ambassador, Nik has been involved with automotive industry since 1997 and has been with Porsche Centre Oakville since day one. Nik is detail oriented when it comes to assisting his clients in making the right choice. Sports car lover, his first new car was a shiny red 1986 Camaro Z-28. A Freemason with the Oakville Lodge, Nik is bilingual Serbian and English and enjoys growing his collection of diecast car models. 

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John-Robert Green

John-Robert Green | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

John prides himself as being a product knowledge guru. Porsche knowledge, but also competitors’ vehicles knowledge. He is a Burlington native who has been involved in automotive since age 19 and with the Policaro family since graduating with an BBA in 2005; developing new relationships is part of his daily motivation. Active and athletic, he enjoys riding his mountain bike and golfing during his free time. 

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Ajeet Kapila

Ajeet Kapila | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Ajeet grew up in the car industry and has it in his blood, like many colleagues at the dealership. With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, he credits his passion for the brand to his first Porsche encounter at age 17 when his dad showed up behind the wheel of a 928 S4. Local to Oakville, this certified brand ambassador loves the Cayenne as it allows him to share his Porsche passion with his family, all four kids and wife, at the same time.

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Mitzi Brown

Mitzi Brown | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Coming from a family with a dad involved in racing, Mitzi has been around cars all her life. While she ventured in marketing and advertising for a few short years, she quickly came to the automotive industry and hasn’t looked back since. This Porsche brand ambassador has over 20 years of experience in the industry and describes herself as a driver. She loves to be at the wheel, be it for short and long trips, track days or performance driving. If not at the wheel, this foodie is cycling or spending time with her friends. 

Mobile:   416-402-2283

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Harris Theodore

Harris Theodore | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Harris’ passion for cars was ignited when he first saw a 911 GT3 RS featured in a magazine. This subsequently led him to work in automotive and he has always kept a soft spot for Porsche in his heart, which led this certified brand ambassador to join the dealership when the opportunity came. His daily driver is a 2010 Cayman S and he enjoys track days as well as spending his free time taking his Cayman on various drives. If not at the dealership or at the wheel, he can be found playing hockey or golfing. 

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Steven Noh

Steven Noh | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Steven grew up in England and got hooked on Porsche the first time he went for a ride in his dad’s then new 993 Turbo. An avid golfer, he has been involved with the service side of the automotive industry since 2006. Yes he loves cars, but first and foremost he enjoys building relationships with customers and being a problem solver. His two year old son is already hooked on Porsche!

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Alex Vuckovic

Alex Vuckovic | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

At the age of five Alex grew fond of cars, after his father purchased a Fiat 500. In 2001, he began a career in the automotive industry. Alex’s passion for motorized vehicles extends to riding his Ducati motorcycle, which happens to fall under the Porsche family umbrella. Porsche Centre Oakville’s commitment to improve as a whole everyday is an inspiration to Alex. The iconic 911 Carrera is this Porsche fan’s favourite from being in production for the last 50 years to its distinctive shape.

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Matt Han

Matt Han | Sales Executive, Certified Brand Ambassador

Matt describes being a certified sales ambassador as his dream job. He gets to spend time with the cars he enjoys – he owns a 2013 911 – and likes meeting new people. Involved in the Chinese community and fully bilingual Chinese and English, Matt graduated from St-Lawrence College in International Business. Having been a member of the CSCC since before joining the Policaro Group, he became the dealership’s representative with the club.

Mobile: 647-862-4321 (wechat)

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Eric Trindade

Eric Trindade | Sales Executive

Passionate about cars since childhood, Eric has been in the automotive business for over 15 years and is devoted to helping customers get what they want but also what they truly need. Eric and his favourite Porsche, the 911 GT3 RS, share the common quality of athleticism, as he competes in baseball, hockey, and golf on a weekly basis.

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Zlad Dujsic

Zlad Dujsic | Sales Executive

Zlad joined Porsche Centre Oakville in late 2016 and quickly became an integral part of the customer experience. Now as a Sales Executive, Zlad strives to make every vehicle purchase a memorable occasion. He’s passionate about motorsports and greatly enjoys his motorcycle on and off the track. When he’s not at Porsche Centre Oakville Zlad is training for triathlons, boxing and enjoying the creative culture of Toronto.

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Erin Garley

Erin Garley | Sales Administrator

Erin has been working in the automotive industry for over 6 years and believes strongly in delivering a high-quality first impression to all visitors. Outside of her role at Porsche Centre Oakville, Erin likes spending time with her son and being active outdoors.

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Lea Silva

Lea Silva | Pre-Owned Sales Assistant

An automotive veteran with experience in almost every department, Lea's first job was at a car dealership and hasn't looked back since. She has been with Porsche Centre Oakville since day 1 and is an advocate for every Porsche model, believing each of them have their rightful place. Outside of the dealership, Lea can be found spending time with her family and 2 dogs, often relaxing in Sherskton in the sun and sand.

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Matthew Greco

Matthew Greco | Delivery Specialist

Matthew lives his childhood dream as Porsche Delivery Specialist. He gets to spend time with customers who share his passion for Porsche, for all things mechanical and enjoys learning more about these vehicles every day. This very active semi-professional soccer player was born and raised in Oakville and finds that being around Porsche vehicles all day never gets old!

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Hailey Fenton

Hailey Fenton | Customer Concierge

Hailey recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Porsche Centre Oakville and we're very happy to have her on the team. She takes pride in ensuring that every visitor that walks into our showroom receives the perfect Porsche welcome. Hailey's favourite Porsche is the Cayenne GTS and she likes to spend her free time travelling and shopping.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Britany Smith

Britany Smith | Customer Concierge

Recently passing her 1-year anniversary, Britany is a friendly and welcoming member of our Customer Concierge team. She has always had an interest in cars and was 100% hooked on Porsche after a day at the track. Her favourite Porsche is the Boxster Spyder because of its mid-engine and open-top design. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

China Serrano

China Serrano | Customer Concierge

Wanting to change directions with her career, China enthusiastically joined the Porsche Centre Oakville team - to the benefit of customers ever since. China's new role is not her first brush with cars though, with her father owning a 1969 Mustang and her uncle a 718 Boxster. She loves fast convertibles like the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cab, but her convertible is more of the off-road type - a Jeep. China likes to spend her free time with friends and family, dirt-biking, going to the beach and wine tasting in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Randa Bustami

Randa Bustami | Customer Concierge

Randa was born into an automotive family and has been around cars since day 1. In her younger years she would often visit her great grandfather's engine rebuilding shop or her father at the local Infiniti/Nissan dealership where he was the service manager. This University of Toronto student has been with Porsche Centre Oakville since Deccember 2016 and enjoys writing and painting in her spare time.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Laith Bustami

Laith Bustami | Senior Service & PCCC Consultant

Born into a family of automotive enthusiasts, Laith has been immersed in cars his entire life. His grandfather established an engine rebuilding machine shop in 1965, which is still operating until today. Laith used to visit the shop as kid whenever not at school, then worked in and helped manage it for 8 years in the 90s. His father also used to speed test and hill climb race in a Mini GT in the early 70s. Formerly an automotive engineering student in England, and a lifelong Porsche enthusiast, Laith is committed to providing service that continually meets the highest of Porsche standards. When not immersed in cars and rally racing, this proud husband and father of 4 also likes to enjoy soccer, swimming, and hockey.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Mike Gosselin

Mike Gosselin | Service Consultant

Mike considers cars a beautiful form of moving art. He has been involved in the automotive industry for over a decade and his passion for these vehicles is widespread: from motorsports to concours d’elegance and everything in-between. While he has a degree in automotive business, he also enjoys mountain biking, food and has a growing collection of records, with a special affinity for British rock & roll from the '60s. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Allan Zhao

Allan Zhao | Service Consultant

Allan joined the automotive industry in 2011 and always dreamed about becoming a member of the Porsche team. Allan was born in mainland China and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English. Outside of Porsche, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 year-old daughter.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler | Service Consultant

Brian launched his career in the automotive business about 15 years ago as an apprentice before becoming a licensed technician - with the idea of wanting to work with the cars he saw in his favorite magazines. His role, an important one at Porsche Centre Oakville, is to ensure service customers receive the best maintenance and repair solutions for their vehicles, the first time around. Much appreciative of Classic Porsche models, his favourite Porsche is a Guards Red 911 “G” coupe.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Belinda  Belicka

Belinda Belicka | After Sales Administrator

With Porsche Centre Oakville since 2015, Belinda coordinates the customer care efforts of our After Sales department. Her interests include motorsport, not surprising given that her favourite Porsches include the 911 R, 911 Carrera RS and 911 RSR. You'll also find Belinda spending lots of time outdoors, enjoying nature and playing sports.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Nin Hsu

Nin Hsu | Reservation Coordinator

Working in the automotive field since 2013, Nin enjoys interacting with customers. Often she is the first person that a customer will come in contact with after a sale - and she's quite okay with that. She also loves learning about the stories and the passion behind the Porsche brand and considers the 911 Targa as her all-time favourite model. Outside of the dealership Nin can be found outdoors or singing karaoke.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Jennifer Haines

Jennifer Haines | Reservation Coordinator

Jennifer is new to the automotive industry but has been familliar with the Porsche brand since childhood, with her father being a diehard 911 enthusiast. Her role at Porsche Centre Oakville is to connect service customers with our team of advisors and to ensure that all of their needs will be met during their visit. Outside of the workplace, this self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie loves obstacle races, hiking, whitewater rafting, zip lining and skydiving.

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Joshua Spagnol

Joshua Spagnol | Quality Control Coordinator

You can say Joshua has been connected to cars from a young age, sometimes accompanying his father as he installed mobile phones back in the 80s. His first word was "vroom" and he says he's been driving since 6 years old (as a helper of course). When he first saw a Porsche 911 he knew it was the brand he belonged with. Joshua loves the 991.2 Targa GTS for spirited driving and the Cayenne for exploring and adventure.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Dirk Dunschede

Dirk Dunschede | Workshop Foreman and Porsche Certified Gold Technician

Dirk fell into the automotive business when he got a job washing cars and quickly got hooked onto them. Involved in automotive since 1992 and with Porsche since 1999, this Gold certified technician is attracted to the professionalism he finds all across the brand, be it at the dealership level or at the manufacturer’s level. Being one of the dealership’s technician with the race team is not his first foray into motorsports; he has done some solo 1 as a driver and was technical support crew for Rolex and Grand Am teams, contributing to two successive Daytona wins. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Steven Dutra

Steven Dutra | Porsche Certified Gold Technician

Steven is the third generation of technicians in the Dutra family, a legacy started by his grandfather. Though young looking, this particular and very meticulous gold certified technician has been involved professionally in the automotive industry for 16 years and treats every customer’s vehicle like the dream come true that it is, as if it was his own. Steven’s workmanship is his pride and shows in the 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco he is restoring to better than original condition. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Matthew Klammer

Matthew Klammer | Porsche Certified Silver Technician

Matthew started out in the automotive business early in life, washing cars shortly after turning 16. When not repairing and maintaining Porsches to the best of his ability, he likes to work on his own project cars and spend time mountain biking and woodworking. Matthew's favourite Porsches are the 550 Spyder and 959.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Joshua Wee

Joshua Wee | Porsche Certified Silver Technician

Josh has been involved in automotive service for over 10 years, specifically with the Porsche brand for close to seven years. Recently married, this Silver certified technician is motivated by a strong will to fix things right. Hard working, he also leads a very active life, playing baseball, basketball and snowboarding during the winter. Josh loves the heritage that comes with the Porsche brand and dreams of owning a GT3 RS. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician / Porsche Classic Technician

A passionate Porsche and automotive enthusiast, Nhu has made her dream come true, turning her hobby into a career. Nhu has now been working in the automotive industry for 5 years and has recently expanded her role as a technician for the Porsche Centre Oakville/Alegra Motorsports team and Porsche Driver Experience program. This Porsche 965 fan is very detail-oriented in her work on both modern and classic Porsches and treats every car that come into the shop better than she would her own.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Andrew Bowers

Andrew Bowers | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

Andrew went up through the ranks starting with fixing vehicles alongside his dad to now explaining to customers the work that needs to be done and how. This bronze certified technician has been in the automotive industry for 20 years, including over five specifically on Porsche vehicles. His garage houses a vintage 1974 Volkswagen Beetle he restored and a 1998 Porsche Boxster used for nice outings with his wife when they get the chance to go out without their two kids.  

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Dennis Heilman

Dennis Heilman | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

Dennis is a Porsche faithful, currently owning his fourth in the form of a clean 996. With over 20 years of experience working on cars, this technician admires the build quality of these German cars. Coming from a family of technicians, with brothers and father being in the trade, his heart beats for motorcycles and cars. Dennis is currently restoring a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle and is rebuilding a 1971 Kawasaki. This humble car guy also enjoys Formula 1 and seeing how the technology developed in that racing series trickles down to production cars.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Everett Acheampong

Everett Acheampong | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

I love it because I learn something new every day here! That is how Everett shares his enthusiasm for the brand and the dealership. Involved in automotive for over seven years, Everett is drawn to the Panamera for the edge it has over other sedans and appreciates the versatility of a 911 in comparison to its competition. Realizing a dream by working on Porsche vehicles, this strong man also plays basketball, football and enjoys a movie when it is time to relax.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Jason Wing Quan

Jason Wing Quan | Parts Advisor

Jason is another track enthusiast amongst the dealership’s team. He was born around cars with a father mechanic and racecar driver and an uncle racing a Porsche 944. Of course he followed his family’s attraction for precise driving by making track days his favorite hobby. Involved in automotive parts for more than 12 years, he loves to spend time understanding how various automotive components work and find solutions. The fast pace of the parts department is a side of his work he craves. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Serguei Leonov

Serguei Leonov | Parts Advisor

Serguei's first role in the automotive industry was as a Parts Driver with Porsche Centre Oakville. He was introduced to cars when he was a young child growing up in Russia, and if his memory serves him correctly, discovered Porsche while watching Bad Boys - with Will Smith driving a 911 Turbo. Serguei continues to appreciate the 911 to this day, with the 997 2nd Gen being his most admired Porsche. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Patrick  Ho

Patrick Ho | Parts Advisor

Patrick was first introduced to cars in his childhood observing his father caring for his prized BMW. Since then he has developed a strong liking for the big German brands, from Volkswagen to Porsche. Patrick has been employed in the automotive business since graduating college in 2009, and feels that providing great customer service and having a positive attitude is of utmost importance in his role. This 718 Cayman and Macan fan likes to spend time going out with his friends, playing video games, and catching up on the latest in tech and automotive news.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

James Cushinan

James Cushinan | Parts Advisor

When James was young his uncle would let him sit on his lap and shift the gears in his 1990 Honda Prelude until the end of the street while driving to work. He's been passionate about cars ever since. James can be found at Porsche Centre Oakville finding the correct parts needed for customers, as was well as placing and managing orders. This Panamera aficionado is also into anything sports-related and likes to travel.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Michael Doan

Michael Doan | Warranty Administrator

Michael is a lifetime automotive enthusiast and has always wanted to be working in the industry. A position at Porsche Centre Oakville has certainly checked that box. His role is to provide customers with the right coverage on their Porsche and to make sure the warranty process goes smoothly. His favourite Porsche is the 2016 Boxster Spyder, which he likes especially for the sound when the roof is down. Michael likes working on his own cars in his spare time as well as being outside and playing sports.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Dario De Jesus

Dario De Jesus | Detailer

Dario has been handling vehicles and detailing them for over six years. Car guy since his youth, he spent time before obtaining his driving license building countless scale model cars. He now enjoys attending car shows, spending time with his family and friends as well as seeing the proud smile customers wear after he has detailed their vehicle. 

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Lee Yesford

Lee Yesford | Detailer

Lee has been working in the automotive industry longer than he can remember, and around cars longer than that. He takes great pride in his work and is always aiming to please the customer. Lee's favourite Porsche is the 911 Targa, in particular the innovative roof assembly. When he is not at work, Lee is usually outside golfing, fishing, hiking, and spending time with his daughters.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email:

Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco | Brand Ambassador

An Italian footballer who plays for Major League Soccer (MLS) club Toronto FC and the Italian national team as a forward. An explosive and creative player on the ball, with excellent vision and technical skill, he is a free-kick specialist and capable of playing in several offensive positions. Due to his short stature, dynamic abilities and pace, Giovinco acquired the nickname formica atomica ("atomic ant," after the eponymous Hanna-Barbera character).

Daniel Morad

Daniel Morad | Motorsport Ambassador

Daniel is Porsche Centre Oakville's Motorsport Ambassador and reigning driver champion of the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohama. The Canadian-born driver was also the Rotax Max Challenge World Champion in 2010, won the Formula BMW USA Championship in 2007 while a member of the Red Bull Junior Formula 1 Team and the 2006 Bridgestone Racing Series. Morad also competed in the A1GP Series, also known as the World Cup of Motorsports.