Asia Pacific Community

Matt Han

Sales Executive | Fluent in Mandarin

 Matt 从儿时就喜欢跑车,毕业后加入了保时捷Oakville 工作2年业绩优异。业余时间喜欢开他的911和朋友一起下赛道赛车。同时和加拿大CSCC跑车俱乐部合作是车会的保时捷销售代表。



Matt describes being a certified sales ambassador as his dream job. He gets to spend time with the cars he enjoys – he owns a 2013 911 – and likes meeting new people. Involved in the Chinese community and fully bilingual Chinese and English, Matt graduated from St-Lawrence College in International Business. Having been a member of the CSCC since before joining the Policaro Group, he became the dealership’s representative with the club.

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Steven Noh

Sales Executive | Fluent in Korean

영국에서 학창 시절을 보내며 처음 타본 친구 아버지의 포르쉐의 감동을 잊지않고, 그리던 포르쉐에서 세일즈맨으로 활동중이다. 오토모티브 업계에서 서비스 어드바이저로 시작한 스티븐은 10년 이상의 경험을 갖추었고 현재 브랜드 엠버서더이기도 하다.  손님들과의 관계를 장기적인 관점으로 보는것을 가장 중요시 하고 있으며 많은 사람들의 꿈의 차인 포르쉐 구입과정을 아주 편리하고 수월하게 도와드리고 있다.

Steven grew up in England and got hooked on Porsche the first time he went for a ride in his dad’s then new 993 Turbo. An avid golfer, he has been involved with the service side of the automotive industry since 2006. Yes he loves cars, but first and foremost he enjoys building relationships with customers and being a problem solver. His two year old son is already hooked on Porsche!

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Allan Zhao

Service Advisor | Fluent in Mandarin




Allan joined the automotive industry in 2011 and always dreamed about becoming a member of the Porsche team. Allan was born in mainland China and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English. Outside of Porsche, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 year-old daughter.

Phone: 905.825.4530 • Email: